We believe in dreams and elbow grease.  

We created Everyday Manifest because we truly believe that if each of us were shown what we could accomplish, it would blow our minds. But, the crux? We have to be willing to do the work. Real work. Hard work. Daily work. Through curveballs, stumbles and needed rest, through humble beginnings and major milestones...  you must be willing to stay the course and keep going. We know through small steps everyday, anything is possible and this subscription box was created to jump start you into action.   

Are you in? If so, dream big my friend, then get to work. We are so ridiculously thrilled you are here. Welcome to your Day 1. 

You got this! 


I always think it is interesting to peek into who is behind the doors driving the bus of a business. Hello (waving!!). My name is Kate. I was born in Minnesota, but am adulting in Colorado. I am a goal-getter with a side of day-dreamer, a tea drinker, a mother of two, a nacho-lover. I am stubborn as all get out, but I pride myself on being the self-proclaimed funniest in my family. Being outside is my happy place, and I am ridiculously inspired by watching others reach their dreams. Twenty years ago, working two jobs and broke, I decided I wanted to go to Africa and committed to saving $20 a week ($3 a day) in a pink piggy bank, until I boarded that plane. It took two years, but the trip was life-changing. It was then that I realized the power of taking small steps towards your dreams every day. Owning my own photography business for 10 years, among other crazy adventures in life, has taught me that, truly, with daily intention, we can build a life we love. 

I can't wait to cheer you on!  


Dream and get to work.