... what to expect when your Everyday Manifest box arrives at your door. 


An Inspirational Vision Board 

A tangible place to dream big and write down goals, both big and small, in all areas of your life including: health and fitness, career, home, family, financial, fun, etc. This is delivered via e-mail immediately upon subscribing. Get started right away. 

Motivational Exercises

Each box will feature a new, fun, thought-provoking exercise to help fine-tune what you want your life to include. This could be something such as: creating a bucket list, a say yes to this & say no to that, fill in the blank sentences or letter to self.


30-day Journal

This is your guide for the next 30 days. A place where you hone your specific, self-determined 30-day goal, commit to a challenge, determine action steps and rewards for completion. It also includes a place to track your progress, set daily goals and reflect on accomplishments and hurdles.

30-day Challenge Ideas

Each box will feature a new 30-day challenge to get the juices flowing, but your 30 days can be anything you choose: plank challenge, whole 30, meditation, photography, drawing, yoga, starting a business, journaling, de-cluttering… really, anything you dream! This is your life! Additional challenges are available on the website for a variety of choices. 

30-day Challenge Goal Tracking Bookmark & Pen

An opportunity to see your streak of effort at a glance and track everything - with ease.


Inspirational Quote Cards 

A variety of inspirational quotes displayed in a reclaimed wood stand to place in your office, kitchen or wherever you will see it daily to keep you focused on what you want. They double as a postcard, so you can cheer others on as they chase goals too. 

Daily Journal Prompts 

Thought provoking questions to ponder, journal on and keep you connected to your priorities and daily goals delivered directly to your phone via text.


Online Community 

Access to online community for additional inspiration, friendship, support, accountability, resources and opportunity to submit your goal.